Picture of Kanata Shinkai from Ensemble Stars
animation of a spinning planet
This should be obvious but I really love coding! Well, most of the time at least...It can be frustrating at times. ^_^;;

Aside from that, I really love the mobile game, Ensemble Stars! I actually have a plush of Rei Sakuma, who is from it. I abandoned the game for a bit but recently this year I picked up playing it again!

Another mobile game that I enjoy is Cookie Run Ovenbreak! Feel free to add me, my id is RKWYL5934!

Another interest/hobby of mine is baking/cooking! I'm not too good at it but it's fun.

I also enjoy drawing! Fun fact, before I got into coding, I was planning to be a free lance artist! Even if I don't plan to go into art professionally, I still love it very much.